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Foto & Bildbehandling

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  • Adrenalin


    Johan skriver om livet som fotograf och boken innehåller information om actionsporterna Skidor, Snowboard och Mountainbikecykling på hög nivå. I boken varvas bilder tillsammans med texter skrivna av kända sportprofiler.

    Pris 249 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 69 Kr

  • Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones

    Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones

    Inexpensive consumer drones that offer ease of flight and high-quality photography and videography have exploded on the market recently, creating what can only be described as drone mania amongst a diverse range of potential users. Because camera-carrying drones still really only exist on the edge between hobby and the mainstream, there is still a lot of confusion about what these small drones are capable of doing.

    Pris 239 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 149 Kr

  • Arctic views passages in time

    Arctic views passages in time

    Photographs are both artistic representations and visual documents that have the capacity to bear witness to place, time, and human actions. This book is a dialogue with history through stories of place and journeys through time, connecting archives and collections with the places that produced them.

    Pris 199 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 99 Kr

  • Bättre Bilder/ Dyk

    Bättre Bilder/ Dyk

    "Är du dykare och vill hitta en djupare mening med dykandet? Eller är du fotograf och söker nya, spännande motiv? Här berättar vi allt du behöver veta."

    Pris 109 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 49 Kr

  • Food Photography

    Food Photography

    Do you need help making your food look as delicious as it tastes? Are you a "foodie" hungry for more tantalizing photos of your culinary creations? Do you have a food blog that you'd like to take to the next level, with better images and a stronger business strategy? Then this book is for you! In Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots, Second Edition, photographer Nicole Young returns to dish up the basics on everything you need to know to make great food images, from getting the right camera equipment to mastering the key photographic principles of aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.

    Pris 179 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 99 Kr

  • Första världskriget : i bilder

    Första världskriget : i bilder

    Unikt och drabbande bildmaterial från första världskriget!

    Pris 159 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 46 Kr

  • Framing Bodies

    Framing Bodies

    Framing Bodies offers a unique insight in the disciplining, normative and identifying power of photography through the work of 15 artists. Photographic framings of the body essentially reflect issues of surveillance, transgressing norms, labour conditions and racial discrimination.

    Pris 228 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 99 Kr

  • From still to motion

    From still to motion

    Final Cut Pro X has been lauded as the tool for a new paradigm of editing film and video, with an ease of use that opens the door for millions of new users.

    Pris 319 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 199 Kr

  • Harley Custom Bikes

    Harley Custom Bikes

    Kanske kan man sammanfatta detta starka varumärke med följande talesätt - det finns två olika grupper av motorcykelåkare, de som kör Harley-Davidson och de som önskar att de gjorde det!

    Pris 319 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 158 Kr

  • Hovslagargatan 4 : ett hus på Blasieholmen

    Hovslagargatan 4 : ett hus på Blasieholmen

    Huset på Hovslagargatan 4 på Blasieholmens östra udde i Stockholm byggdes ursprungligen som ett Våg- och kokhus år 1832 efter ritningar av dåvarande stadsarkitekten Carl Christoffer Gjörwell.

    Pris 249 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 125 Kr

  • Kajplats 311 - Betraktelser från en balkong

    Kajplats 311 - Betraktelser från en balkong

    Från sin balkong vid Hammarby Sjöstad i Stockholm har fotograf Hasse Holmberg dokumenterat livet nere på kajplats 311. Hundar som rastas, barn som leker, joggande mammor, kanske ett hemligt kärleksmöte, någon som smygröker, nunnor som vandrar - och ett nakenbad!

    Pris 199 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 39 Kr

  • Light, Gesture & Color

    Light, Gesture & Color

    Jay Maisel, hailed as one of the most brilliant, gifted photographers of all time, is much more than that.

    Pris 289 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 189 Kr

  • Natural Newborn Baby Photography

    Natural Newborn Baby Photography

    Little toes, pursed lips, and tiny handsnewborn photography is a rapidly growing market and professional photographers are eager to jump in.

    Pris 239 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 149 Kr

  • Nikon d3000

    Nikon d3000

    Nikon's new D3000 is a perfect entry-level DSLR. This book is for anyone who upgrades from their point-and-shoot, or for anyone who wants to jump into photography with the control and capabilities of a DSLR but without the high price.

    Pris 149 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 79 Kr

  • Nikon D3200

    Nikon D3200

    Now that you've bought that amazing Nikon D3200, you need a book that goes beyond a tour of the camera's features to show you exactly how to take great pictures. With Nikon D3200: From Snapshots to Great Shots, you get the perfect blend of photography instruction and camera reference that will take your images to the next level.

    Pris 169 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 105 Kr

  • Nikon D3300: From Snapshots to Great Shots

    Nikon D3300: From Snapshots to Great Shots

    The Nikon D3300 is a powerful new camera intended for amateurs who want to jump into photography with the control and capabilities of a DSLR.

    Pris 229 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 102 Kr

  • Panasonic Lumix GX7 and GM1

    Panasonic Lumix GX7 and GM1

    This Snapshots book will teach owners how to take great shots using their new Panasonic GX7 or GM1 camera. Users learn how to create the type of photos that inspired them to buy the camera in the first place.

    Pris 149 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 102 Kr

  • Photo Restoration

    Photo Restoration

    In Photo Restoration: From Snapshots to Great Shots, author Robert Correll carefully guides you through the process of restoring your photos, teaching you the most effective techniques to preserve and repair your damaged or aging images. Organized based on a helpful photo restoration workflow, the book will feature Adobe Photoshop as the primary software solution of choice, with coverage of Photoshop Elements and Lightroom as well. Read the book from start to finish or quickly access the information you need for the specific photo problems at hand.

    Pris 179 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 119 Kr

  • Photographers at Work

    Photographers at Work

    Today, being a professional photographer is about much more than the ability to make a technically perfect image, and photographers need to use many other skills that go beyond the production of a photograph.

    Pris 249 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 154 Kr

  • Photographing children

    Photographing children

    Capture the essence of childhood through digital photography with this helpful resource Family photography continues to be a major field of professional digital photography, while amateur moms are the fastest growing segment of digital camera owners.

    Pris 189 Kr

    Nedsatt pris: 99 Kr

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